10 reasons why marijuana is safer than alcohol (2020)

Marijuana may have a bad reputation in the eyes of public opinion, but the situation is changing rapidly.  In the United States, two states have legalized marijuana for consumers who use it as a safe alternative to alcohol. While marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the world, the Green Routine team clearly understands that…

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10 most popular varieties of Сanadian canabis 2020

As Canadian cannabis (indica and sativa) becomes commercialized, the time comes for marketing analytics to take its own. We are not at this time yet, but analysts calculate sales and predict trends in seeds, varieties, cannabiners and much more. We visit exhibitions to identify the most popular varieties. There is no standardized counting mechanism that…

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What’s the difference between CBD and THC? Find out right now. If you want to buy gummies with CBD online – just go to our website and make your purchase!

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Autoflowers | Think Different | AutoMazar | Big Devil #2

Autoflowers Autoflowers. Nowadays the industry is developing rather rapidly, new producers, shops, varieties and technologies of cannabis cultivation are appearing. Not so long ago, a real breakthrough was made in the world of marijuana – there were autoflowering hemp seeds. Thorough study of proposed autoflowering variations of varieties by the world’s leading manufacturers led to…

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Afghan weeds | Cannabis | Hemp | Marijuana

Afghan weeds Afghan weeds. Afghanistan is a country where cannabis has been grown for centuries. Hot long summers and snowy winters, sunny mountain slopes and fertile soils – these natural conditions allowed the emergence of a special subspecies of cannabis in Afghanistan, which had unique properties. The Afghan weeds had a number of features: Low…

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Cannabis Sativa | Cannabis Indica | Cannabis Ruderalis

From a legal point of view, hemp is not divided into species, there is only one species – Cannabis Sativa. Regardless of its effect, all plants are classified as Cannabis Sativa. However, each crop has its own specific growth, development and genetics, so those who are more familiar with cannabis divide it into 3 species:…

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Sour Diesel | Jack Herer | Lemon Haze

Sour Diesel Amherst Sour Diesel fem from Humboldt Seeds is one of the most powerful Sativas on the market. THC level in its finished product reaches as much as 27.1%. This provides not only killer effect, but also excellent medical properties. The cones of the plant will delight with the spicy aroma, which is present…

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Indica in Ontario | Sativa in Ontario

Indica in Ontario and Sativa: differences between the two types of cannabis Indica in Ontario and Indica are the two main plant species cannabis that can be mixed to create hybrid marijuana species. Each species has its own range of effects on the body and brain, as well as a wide range of medicinal benefits….

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Sativa in Toronto | Indica | Cannabis

Sativa in Toronto Sativa in Toronto and Indica in Toronto are two types of cannabis that have high psychoactive properties. This allows people to use them widely for recreational and medical purposes. Although they are the same plant, the Toronto Sativa and Indica still have some significant differences. This division is the result of the…

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7 reasons why you should try cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates and how to use them properly! Although they are not suitable for everyone, cannabis concentrates in Ontario have more advantages than you might imagine. Cannabis concentrates are becoming increasingly popular, and now make up a significant proportion of total sales of cannabis herb and its derivatives in all countries with partial or full…

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Top 7 best indica marijuana

The best indica marijuana varieties are characterized by high resin performance, which means that you are waiting for bumps covered with trich crystals. Sedative, soothing and masturbating, these psychoactive crumbs can help relieve stress while getting high. Those who use these varieties for medical purposes will appreciate the powerful, drug-like analgesic effect that these intoxicating…

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Marijuana concentrates and their species. Buy online!

Grovers, who keep up with the times, have probably noticed long ago that in the U.S., Canada and freedom-loving Europe marijuana lovers very often began to use marijuana concentrates instead of weed. In the installation or on YouTube you can find a lot of videos where they “tuck in” the bong with some metal thing…

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Best weed online. Top 10 varieties of weed.

Best weed online. Decided to buy pot online, but did not decide on the choice, and poke your finger in the sky there is no desire? We offer you a selection of 10 best varieties of marijuana! Here you can find the strongest, most productive, delicious and powerful plants. In our selection you will find…

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Toronto marijuana online. Buy marijuana online

Legal cannabis sales in Canada have confused many buyers who do not know what brands they are buying or what dosage they prefer. Last October, Canada entered the second year of adult legalization. This event was marked by additional legalization of food, vapes and other types of hemp products online . On the whole, we…

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Sativa marijuana | Indica marijuana | Hybrid marijuana |

Sativa marijuana , Indica marijuana , Hybrid All of us have probably heard many times about subtypes of cannabis: sativa, indica and hybrid. Let’s see, what are the real differences? First, the effect. The indica marijuana soothes physically and promotes relaxation. It can simply knock you out and “tie you to the sofa”. You won’t…

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