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Sativa vs Indica

Sativa and Indica: what is the difference?

In terms of botanical systematics, sativa and indica are considered as different species or subspecies of the genus Cannabis. And their names, respectively, mean “sowing” and “Indian”. They differ both in appearance and growth, as well as in the content of biologically active substances, which determine the features of their use. Apparently, it is more correct to speak about subspecies, because there are hybrids in the entire spectrum, from pure sativa to pure indica, with the full range of effects represented by these forms.

Both forms of plants are characterized by a high content of resins and terpene compounds that are part of their composition. They, along with some other substances, provide specific properties of both forms of cannabis.

How do Sativa and Indica differ?

Sativa is a plant mainly in the open ground. It definitely has a connection with those hemp varieties that are grown for use as a source of fibers. (Recall that hemp is a raw material for the production of fibers and ropes, especially valued for their resistance to rot. It was widely used in sailing fleet times). Sativa in good conditions can reach a height of 5-7 meters. Its leaves have an elongated shape, and the stem is long and thin, with rare branching.

The indicator is much more “stocky”. It does not exceed even in the best conditions the height of 2 m, and in the conditions of closed ground grows like a potted plant, reaching only 60-70 cm height. In this case, it forms a thick crown with a dense branching. Leaves are large, with wide leaf blades.

They differ even in terms of a complex of aromatic substances, which allows indica and sativa to distinguish by their scent. Indica has a more “flavor” aroma (sweet or sour), while sativa feels more herby.

What is the difference between the effects of indica and sativa varieties?

In their pure forms (not hybrid) indica and sativa have differences in impact on the human body. This allows, combining them, to achieve different therapeutic (or emotional) effects. Also used for different diseases or for different emotional conditions.

Indica acts most of all as a sedative, relaxing and excitatory muscle.

Sativa has the effect of stimulating brain activity, with increased concentration, discretion, focus and positivity.

Indica – when and for what it is most effective

Due to its soothing properties, the indica is perfect for use in situations where maximum relaxation is required.

It is most effective when you need to ease pain or to achieve a sleepy effect.

The indica perfectly relaxes muscles, relieves convulsions and has a pain-relieving effect. And it is able to quench those chronic pains, which are badly affected by conventional painkillers.

Due to the fact that it relaxes the muscles, it also works as a sleeping pill (after all, sleeping pills, in fact, contribute to sleep through the emergence of a sense of fatigue in the muscles).

Accordingly, the most successful time of its use, in normal circumstances, is the evening. Its use allows to normalize the rhythm of sleep, which is used in the treatment of insomnia.

It also has a certain effect as an antidepressant. After all, it not only relieves pain, but also can “extinguish” anxiety, being a good remedy against stress and fear.

When is it better to use sativa?

Cannabis sativa has a stimulating effect, affecting the brain. First of all, it produces a calming effect, causing a sense of well-being, allowing you to get rid of anxiety. That is why sativa is more effective in the treatment of depression.

Sativa stimulates creativity and increases the level of attention, which allows to intensify creative work for those who are engaged in art. On the other hand, it provides an opportunity to get out of “daze”, which leads to depression. Sativa stimulates a more positive perception, a desire to act, and provides purposeful activity. In other words, it restores what is blocked by depression.

Another effect of sativa is the normalization of appetite. It allows you to get out of a state of weakness caused by eating disorders, which is very typical for depression and can occur as a separate disease.

 Thus, both sativa and indica have their own characteristics of impact. And correctly selected combination of them in mixtures or use of suitable hybrids allows you to treat a wide range of diseases, including nervous ones. Provides better opportunities for creativity for those who need to release their inner energy.

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