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Buy edibles is a great idea! Edible THC is better than the one you should smoke. But it’s different for everyone. Call through the nudie shop, delivery will be the next day!

Smoking marijuana and eating it affect the body and mind in different ways. When you smoke marijuana, your body turns non-psychoactive THC, the main psychotropic component of marijuana, into Delta 9 THC. It is this form of THC that triggers the very qualities that smokers are known for – heavy eyelids, apathy and relaxation, giggling, constipation.
Eaten marijuana leads to other effect as the body, in fact, transforms the non-psychoactive form of THC not into Delta-9 THC, but into Delta-11 THC. This, in turn, causes another effect in the consciousness and body of a person: its consequences are more pleasant than the effect of a smoked spin with marijuana.

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