2 Ounce Mix & Match

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With Green Routines 2 Ounce Mix & Match, you now have the option to build your own one ounce pack of your favourite strains. This deal allows you to choose any two of the strains you want and still get that price break!Β Each strain comes in a 28 gram variation for a total of 56 grams.Β The 2 Ounce Mix & Match deal is a cost-effective pack that is ideal for those who enjoy variety and anyone looking to medicate without having to give up quality for cost.

  Product Quantity
Cookies and cream
AAAA+Cookies and cream
28 gram
Gucci OG
AAA+Gucci OG
28 gram

Out of stock

White Shark
AAAA White Shark
28 gram
Ghost Train Haze
AAA+Ghost Train Haze
28 gram
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2 Ounce Mix & Match

2 ounces of nice weed! What could be even better? When you buy cannabis online, you get the best weed at the best price. By ordering marijuana from the Green Routines store you get it the next day. Hundreds of satisfied customers have already seen it. Every day people buy cannabis , just what our service does.

Excellent price, discount and quality of weed makes us one of the market leaders today. If you like to smoke weed, then you are in the right place! You can buy cannabis online in just a few clicks! Will you be happy if the delivery is free? Then we have some good news! By ordering two ounces of weed you get a completely free delivery directly to your home. Delivery is made all over Canada!



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9 reviews for 2 Ounce Mix & Match

  1. Logan

    Delivery across Canada is a big plus for your company. I ordered and the next day I had the weed! Excellent quality, just at the highest level. Weed – just great!

  2. Iszuhe

    Big choice of weed is definitely a plus!

  3. Stephine

    You have the best varieties of marijuana! Especially when you can make a mix of them – it’s perfect. I’ve been looking for this service for a long time.

  4. Debbie silva

    Thank you for your excellent service. Delivery was quite fast, so I’m completely satisfied with the purchase!

  5. Alexis

    Ooh, thank you so much! Your company is just a discovery for me! Now I will only buy online through your store. It’s a great strain that’s worth its money.

  6. Swgardener

    With your shop I understood what a truly quality service means! The product, price and speed of delivery was at a height! High effect was long and pleasant, be sure to contact this store and you will definitely stay happy with your purchase!

  7. Greg Proffitt

    I have never bought such a great weight in an online store, but I am very happy with my purchase!

  8. Sarah Lewis

    Perfect weight for this price. Lovely weed, thank you!

  9. Katerina Podaras

    Me and the guys ordered 2 Ounce Mix & Match from Green Routines and we were happy because the product is very high quality and fully meets description.

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