(AAAA) Pink Star


Category: Cannabis, marijuana.

Manufacturer: PARADISE SEEDS

Genetics: classified by the manufacturer

Type: Sativa 10%/Indica 90%

Type: feminized (female sex only)

THC: 18-22%; CBD: less than 0.1%

Grows: indoors, in a greenhouse, outdoors.

Bloom period: 60-70 days

Yields: 400-500 g/m2 (indoor); 300-800 g/m2 from 1 bush (outdoor)

Harvesting: mid-October

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Pink Star Weed

Pink Star marijuana in Toronto seeds from Paradise Seeds is one of the most famous Indica varieties you’ve ever seen. The plant grows very dense buds which are covered with a huge amount of resin. And even though it’s an Indica, it has a high quality effect, so it’s suitable for both body and soul.

It was introduced in 1996, and in 1998 it was improved to produce more massive buds and good leaves. It is also worth noting that this variety has received over a dozen different awards.

Pink Star weed strain: ways to grow

This variety gives excellent fruits in SOG (Sea of Green) installation. You can plant up to 20 plants per square metre, and it’s okay if they stand close enough to each other. However, you need to make room for flowering branches.

You should wait at least two weeks before switching to light mode (12/12). The ground growing method is just as suitable as the hydroponics method. The best fruits will come from growing in the open air (in temperate zones), where the growth of the plant reaches two meters, and as a result you get on average about 400-600 grams of dry end product.

Taste and effect of the variety

The variety gives quite large bumps, thanks to the properties of Indica, and has a lemon-metal taste and smell. This aroma is quite characteristic and recognizable among gardeners. Many talk about the strongest Stone effect that gives this variety, but some talk about good energy properties, and an effect that shakes both mind and body.

THC levels here are between 16 and 20%. As one of the best marijuana varieties, it will be a great choice for anyone interested in solace in the peaceful world of dreams.


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1 review for (AAAA) Pink Star

  1. Noah Gru

    The weed is not strongly compressed, smells delicious, fresh and in spring, tarred and loose in moderation. Smokes easily, but does not smoke so easily. However, I’d say that not every sativa can compare to an indica by killing… But Pink Star is one of those. Very relaxing and soothing, sleepy, or laughing properly – clear balance in the middle.

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