AAAA Rockstar Pink


Type: 70% indica / 30% sativa

THC: 20 – 26% CBD: >1%

Flavour: Earthy / Pungent / Sweet / Floral / Gassy

Medical Usage: Insomnia / Appetite Loss / Depression / Pain


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Rockstar Pink Weed Strain

Rockstar Pink weed strain – is the result of crossing of beautiful varieties – Pink Kush X Rockstar Kush. The nuclear mixture is indica-dominant (70% indica and 30% sativa). It was named so because of its excellent appearance and popularity, because this strain is considered one of the best indica-dominant varieties in Canada. This variety is exactly what a real indica requires. 

The appearance of this plant is dense green buds covered with pink hairs and covered with an incredibly beautiful crystal shine! When you first see these dense buds, you will realize how sticky they are, which means that this strain contains a huge amount of resin. The incredible smell of forest will hit you in the nose and you will feel the autumn leaves enveloping your imagination.

The fragrance is just incredible. The perfect combination of pine and floral fragrance will shock you and you will want to smoke this beauty as soon as possible. As the fire covers your jamb, you will smell the forest much stronger!


Effect of Rockstar pink weed strain

Many compare the effect of Rockstar pink weed strain to the fact that your mind is enveloped by an incredibly warm blanket of feelings. You will feel a wonderful tide of relaxation in your mind and body and will just float in your mind. This effect continues until you sit on the sofa or lie down in bed. After that, you can fall asleep before you even know it 🙂

Thanks to these effects and the high level of THC, Pink Rockstar is considered one of the best strains currently available in Canada.


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