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BC Gas Weed Strain


California, will delight Grover and Rastaman with excellent varieties of cannabis. Amazing and wonderful relaxing BC Gas weed strainΒ  – Indica in Toronto from Sidbank Platinum Clouds is an excellent hemp. Like all autoflowers, it is suitable for even the most inexperienced growers. The sieve has been obtained by crossing the varieties OG Kush over many years. The ratio of indica to sativa is 50% to 40%. 10% remains on the ruderalis. The THC and CBD content of the plant is not high.

Bc Gas weed strain effects

The effect of BC Gas weed on the one hand is quite relaxing, and on the other hand it raises the mood and encourages creative ideas and charges with incredible energy. Simply put, the effects on the body are more Indica.


The plant is very tall and unpretentious. Absolutely unpleasant, the grower will not need to be constantly watching and taking care of the streyne. By the fourth week, the hemp will have bloomed. Harvesting will be possible in 70-100 days. It’s a very productive variety. However, what is important for every gardener to know is that the plant is very stinky. When growing it at home, you should take care of ventilation so that the smell does not spread outside the home. The spike is also suitable for outdoor cultivation. You can harvest up to 400 grams from one square meter.

Taste and aroma

The taste and aroma of this cannabis is very peculiar, gives the tartness and smell of diesel on the exhalation.


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4 reviews for AAA+BC Gas

  1. William

    The night of the night sneaked up unnoticed, after a short meeting with the brothers decide to knock out the bumps, the choice falls on a new variety of Green Routines, who waited quite a long time – BC Gas. I’ve heard a lot of people praise him, but this time I was lucky to be sure myself :). The smell of juniper and fresh grass, anticipating a cool evening. The bump is very, VERY dense, and without a greender or scissors can not do, such a shallow hand can not tear.Immediately after using began to catch the most fond of high effect, personally I as a smoker with a good toller was in shock, and for the rest of the general silence! I am very pleased with my choice and recommend this shop!

  2. Christopher L.

    I bought insomnia pills, but they didn’t help me. God, why haven’t I tasted this weed before? It’s the most perfect option for insomnia. Just a few puffs and I went to bed in ten minutes. I recommend it!

  3. Leo D.

    On the advice of my friends, I chose this weed. I love them! This is the best weed purchase I’ve had in months. The aftertaste is really good.

  4. hin y.

    I really liked the herbal taste of BC gas. But my friends tried something better. It’s very interesting to find stronger weed πŸ˜‰

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