Bc Kush


Appearance: quite dry in color, but very dense. This variety of medical marijuana is a darker color, one of the darkest green shades you’ve ever seen in your life. He wears a suit of crystals that shimmer like stars in the night. The trichomes give this variety a very strong sparkle and it’s really a very beautiful sight.

The smell: sharp and visible. If you smell it once, you can immediately recognize it next time. It tastes like pine. The smoke is thick and can automatically attack your lungs.

Effects: Many users love this strain, and not just because it’s one of the heaviest Indica phenotypes they’ve ever encountered on their life path.

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Bc Kush

The effects of this strain are exactly what it’s called. It emits a heavy poisonous sting. One puff has the ability to lock you instantly and automatically on your sofa. If you decide to continue, you can expect to pass out in Morphine’s arms. OG Kush weed strain emits a sensual tingling sensation down all over your body. Relaxation is normal in this case, and you will be able to relax for quite a long time. You have never felt so enormous that you can sit or lie down.

BC Kush from TrueNorthSeedank.

Sweet dreams will send you into a world of wonderful adventures, you will see that the sky above you has never been so dazzling. That’s the kind of feeling that awaits you.


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1 review for Bc Kush

  1. Smokerman

    Great weed! Probably one of my favorite varieties. The quality of the product is also good. In a word – I did not find any disadvantages πŸ™‚

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