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Cookies and Cream weed strain is a sequel to the legendary GSC variety

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine some things in interaction. For example, such as cheese and wine, pizza and beer as well as cookies and cream weed strain, is a rich aromatic strain that is sold at Fast Buds, the price of which is available to everyone.

Cookies and Cream weed strain by Fast Buds will give you a mild effect, replenished by the most famous genetics of titled Girl Scout Cookies with a pleasant and creamy sativa effect. If you decide to Buy Cream Cookies weed in Toronto, you will get an indica-dominated variety with a sufficiently high level of THC and the bumps that you want to smoke all day.

The marijuana plant is as versatile and not as whimsical as its descendant. We’ve seen massive yields of Cream Cookies weed strain with all kinds of nutrients and lightweight plants. A little attention, good nuts and light are all you need to reap the benefits of this type of cannabis successfully and productively.


Cookies and Cream Weed Strain. FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS


Autoflowering Cream Cookies seeds stand out for their special creamy, rich flavour with earthy, woody and spicy notes, which complement each other smoothly and alternately passing into the background. It is as delicious as cookies aged in rich coffee with fresh cream. Once in a while it may not seem delicious enough, but after that occasional hints of citrus fruits and herbs appear, which makes each breath of smoke a little different.




Cream N Cookies weed strain is the most unusual hybrid in our collection that can eliminate a smoker without any consequences. These buds have high THC levels and low CBD, which makes them very similar to a cerebral but light-hearted rise, and then a double-digit signal to complete relaxation in the arms of the indica. In medicine, this variety is used to stimulate appetite.

One – two tractions of this quality smoke will keep you up all day, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. If you want to fly, it’s better to take it at the end of the day. The more you smoke, the more indicator-like effects dominate this experience.

This is an ideal choice for those who want to buy weed in Toronto, where there are height restrictions. It will not grow above the surrounding weeds. Our online store offers cannabis in branded packages and low seed prices.




Cream Cookies seeds give strong plants that will fully ripen 55 to 80 days after they appear. The end result is a large, wide bush with heavy bumps covered in frost-white crystals. This result will be guaranteed no matter where you grow marijuana, in the box or outdoors. We recommend cutting the leaves well on the most cones, this will ensure the taste of this sencimile.

Rinsing the soil will give you unusual shades such as red, yellow and purple, something you will not be able to see on any other plant. Cream Cookies from Fast Buds is a very greedy plant, so you should not save on chickpea and water. Combine a healthy diet with a little LSD and defoliation and you will see that this amazing strain will bear huge fruits at any time.



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  1. Logan

    Thank you very much for the great variety of weed! It’s just something, an incredible smell and quality. I suggest you all. Very nice smell and incredibly strong high effect!

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