Cookies and Green Shatter Bars


Euphoria Extracts has 24 boxes.

The chocolate bars are simply soaked in concentrate!

Incredible powerful effect is achieved by having 250mg and 500mg of extract inside the package!

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Cookies and Green Shatter Bars (Euphoria Extracts)

Euphoria extracts Cookies and Green Shatter Bars flavor extracts are a great solution if you want to use THC and CBD! All I know is that smoking marijuana hurts the lungs, but if you just eat this chocolate – there will be no harm, but only good!

A great way to rest after a hard day’s work, your brain and body will love it! The handy packaging gives you a good bonus, as you can easily break off one square of 24 and enjoy the taste of Cookies and Green.

It is highly recommended to use cookies for medical treatment. A specialist educated in the therapeutic use of cannabis will tell you all the pros and cons of using THC and CBD in the form of chocolates. But, from our practice, we can say that warch will not refuse you the use of this wonderful product!


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Indica, Sativa

3 reviews for Cookies and Green Shatter Bars

  1. Normand P.

    It tastes great! Thank you Green Routines for these lovely chocolates. It just melts in your mouth. I’ll order many more times, thank you!

  2. Jacqueline R.

    Excellent choice of 500 mg! It’s just perfect! The combination of delicious chocolate and THC is successful. The dosage enters the body very quickly, and THC starts to work in 5 minutes. It’s my favorite edible so far. 😍 Already placed my new order and it’s being delivered today! Just got an email πŸ™‚

  3. Raven G.

    I have quite high tolerance for THC. The other people who tried chocolate with me were new to me and felt great noise and relaxation. I do not recommend it to an experienced user, it depends on your tolerance. If you are a beginner, be sure to try these wonderful chocolates!

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