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Death Bubba weed strain is the explosion of your brain.


Death Bubba weed strain is Indica dominant feminized cannabis that is widely known and sought after by Indica followers. If you buy a British Columbia Death Bubba, you will have the opportunity to get to know one of the best varieties in the world. With its excellent soothing properties, this type of marijuana is great for relaxation, fun and will simply clear your mind.

Death Bubba weed strain . California cultural product

Marijuana, with its good genetics, is the key to an unbeatable result. Death Bubba weed strain from British Columbia is a hybrid kind of cannabis, which originates from its parent Bubba Kush and is simply its successful version, preserving as much as possible the same features that everyone loves. After crossing Bubba Kush with Death Star, we got a variety with a character that remains true to its predecessor.Β  It is a small marijuana plant that gives beautiful round dense buds and is independent of the humid climate, preferring either moderate, sunny, warm and Mediterranean or the comfort of a greenhouse.


With its absolute unpretentiousness, Death Bubba from British Columbia can yield an average yield of 110 grams per plant.Β  The marijuana heads, thanks to their descendants, have a beautiful dense structure. Also, when paired with a high THC of 22 – 27%, they get the maximum score in the ranking of autoflowering hemp seeds.


When smoking, you will feel the earthy, and perhaps not earthy, scent and alluring smoke of relaxation. That’s all about this species. The inside of this cannabis hybrid smells of both sweet fruit and citrus fruits, and its earthy aroma is as intense as the original version. The long-lasting powerful effect is deeply relaxing. Death Bubba weed strain from British Columbia is recommended for those who suffer from muscle pain, insomnia and anorexia due to its numerous therapeutic properties.


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1 review for AAA+Death Bubba

  1. Lucas

    Thank you very much to Green Routines for letting me try this cool strain, it’s clearly one of the best I’ve ever felt, especially this quality.
    I look forward to your next creation, I have a great desire to try it.

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