AAA+Ghost Train Haze


Breeder: Rare Dankness

Type: hybrid, mainly Sativa

Genetics: Ghost OG Nevil’s Wreck (Trainwreck x Neville’s Haze)

Sex: no feminized seeds, just male.

Preferred growing medium: indoor, outdoor

Flowering time (outdoor): approx. 65 – 80 days

Flowering time (indoor): 70 – 84 days (approximately 77 days)

Rating among users (on a scale from 0 to 10): 9.00

Medical application: depression, tiredness, stress


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Ghost Train Haze weed strain

Rare variety of marijuana and is a bestseller among Rare Dankness.

It’s a wonderful hybrid, dominated by Sativa, but the buds are dense rather than airy, as Sativa usually does. In addition, the inflorescences are light green, but they are all covered with trichomes, so they look almost white. When a can is opened where the dried inflorescences are stored, then the whole room is filled with a strong scent, which is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent to any of the users, even if these users have already seen a lot and tried.

The smell is fresh and has citrus notes, as is usually the case with Sativa. When evaporated, the taste of the variety becomes even more pronounced, and the citrus aroma is even more noticeable when exhaled. The floral, citrus aroma, even after you have used the plant, remains for some time as a wonderful aftertaste.

If the doses are quite low, then it will help you to concentrate well, to experience a pleasant, light body hum, to detect some pressure behind the nose and eyes. If the doses become higher, then there is a rise in euphoria, foggy effects begin to manifest themselves, causing deep reflection, even some slowing down. In this case, the opposite is true: it becomes difficult to concentrate, difficult to do the job, but it does not go anywhere pleasant ease, you feel easy and free, just a little scattered and all things seem to take for granted.

This is a great solution if you prefer to relax over a cup of coffee. But if you have things to do, then pay attention to the dose of Ghost Train Haze weed strain, it should be low. The flowering period is approximately 65-80 days and you can grow it either outdoors or indoors. This is very convenient, especially if you are just beginning to try yourself in “hemp business“.


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1 review for AAA+Ghost Train Haze

  1. Hudson

    When I went to the Green Routines store, I saw Ghost Train Haze. Order, answer manager, everything was clear, packed perfectly. The aroma of this weed is strong enough, but great. It is strong and very tasty. The lump itself is sticky, completely covered in crystals. It looks sugary, the aroma is a bit herringbone, nut, incredibly tasty. Breaks off a little bit, throws it in the grinder. I threw some in the bong. Comes in appreciably, on the way out a little dirt throat and pulls to cough if smoked a lot. The smoke has a pleasant smell and a characteristic musky taste with fruity shades. After 15-30 seconds, it starts to work. It becomes calmer at once, the mood increases, you feel the euphoria. Plateau after about 4-5 minutes. After the pot action is over, there is an abundant desire to eat, very tasty everything :).

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