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Gorilla Zkittlez weed


Gorilla Zkittlez weed from Barneys Farm, obtained by crossing Gorilla Glue (Winner Canabis Cape California 2017) and Zkittlez (Winner High Times Canabis Cape 2017), which has a strong fruity taste and aroma, offers you to buy our online store on this page. Our prices are distinguished by the availability of good discounts, and marijuana high quality. Two descendants of the champion clearly express this variety of strong sedative effect, which can last a long time.

P.S. do not expect to be saved by food from the nearest store. The quality and formation of Gorilla Zkittelez weed strain head is more like the structure of Indica, but the effect remains a strong sativa. The plant has a short flowering period and a great harvest, which makes it particularly attractive for growing. Having a good place to grow cannabis in the sun will not be difficult even for a novice grower, although the effect is far from theirs.

Gorilla Zkittlez weed seeds grow perfectly in the air and indoors. On open you can harvest up to 5 times as much up to 2500 grams per plant. At the end of summer, the bush is so big that it can be used as a shelter from the sun, and at the end of flowering you get a radio tower up to a maximum of 400 cm. Its medical value is recognized and widely used. This variety, when used, has a bright, relaxing effect and enhances brain activity. It significantly improves the appetite and flavour of the food.

After taking this type of cannabis all will seem many times more delicious and appetizing, which will perfectly brighten up the shortcomings of chemotherapy for cancer. THC level exceeds 20%, which requires careful application. At high doses, it has a strong effect on the psyche, can cause various kinds of hallucinations.

To obtain the so-called sensymile (the most ideal hemp plant), it is recommended to grow Gorilla Zkittlez marijuana from Barneys Farm indoors. In this way, you can obtain the kind of heads that were presented at the Canabis Cup. They (ancestors) were considered by the Jury to be the most revered in 2017.

On our website you can also order other varieties of high quality hemp. The price will depend on the characteristics of the particular species and their quantity.


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1 review for AAA+Gorilla Skittles

  1. Jacob

    I decided to take Gorilla Zkittlez weed, the first thing that comes under attention is the smell of this weed, it is very strong, saturated and unusual, when you cut it was not a single seed, and the view of the lump itself, to put it mildly charming, to taste practically does not press, a couple of times you cough maximum. Filled himself and a friend at 0.2 approximately and after 5 minutes, the effect went. Since it was an evening, we decided to watch the show and discuss it furiously, under Gorilla Zkittlez it is just the right thing, given that it has a strong sativa hi (but if you smoke during the day and the weather is super, it is certainly better to walk). It lasted for three hours, so the weed is very strong, you can feel the sativa and it costs your money.

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