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Gucci OG weed strain is exactly what you need!

Legend – the legend is embodied in OG Kush hemp seeds. The variety is available for cloning large masses. OG Kush marijuana seeds are the most popular in the U.S. and get the highest ratings on public ratings. With a huge bouquet of flavors you just don’t have a chance to get anything bigger or better. Gucci OG weed strain is one of the subspecies of this variety, which shows a good level among marijuana smokers!


Gucci OG is a very individual type of hemp which is unlike anything else.Β  It will quickly become a favorite and will cause a lot of applause among your friends.

The seeds of Gucci OG weed strain form a powerful plant which “pours” its flowers with resin very quickly.Β  The flowering period is only 8-9 weeks. The structure of the buds is not very thick, but very dense, so it still produces a high-quality harvest.


To achieve maximum, even record highs, you need to use fertilizer to which the plant is predisposed. In that case, the yield will be overwhelming. It has a tree flavor, with a citrus note and an incredible taste. If you have felt a powerful effect after smoking this variety, then you should know that you have found a friend in the beautiful, reliable seeds of Gucci Original Ganster.


Gucci OG weed strain from DNA Genetics is obtained by crossing Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistan.Β  Relaxing indicator prevails (70%), which gives a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind to the recipient. It has a rather powerful effect on the psyche due to its high THC content (19 – 24%).On this page, our online store attaches to buy feminized (selected female fruit-bearing) cannabis sticks of this type of cannabis.Β  It is suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation. We have the best prices for these and other Dutch high quality marijuana varieties.


Flowering shrubs have a pleasant fruity smell. The name Lemon Thai describes its taste with a bright citrus tint. Not particularly whimsical, but certain conditions are required – grow better in warm climates or indoors indoors. It is important not to overfeed or flood the plant. It grows stronger in the open air and can reach a height of 200-270 cm and a height of up to one metre indoors.

Stores well and tastes long. Despite its exotic taste, it is one of the strongest. It is analgesic and helps with sleep and eating disorders. You can order hemp seeds right now, the price will depend on their quantity.


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3 reviews for AAA+Gucci OG

  1. olemanne

    Incredible taste, smoke and smell. Even though I’m not a fan of strong varieties, I liked this one.

  2. mr.smokealot

    The description of the product is completely consistent. The quality is unbelievable… We smoked about a third of the joints and my head went into a deep sea of dreams!

  3. Rastacriminal4203

    Great weed! I liked the fact that it was very fast delivery to Toronto. Buying weed here, I know it’ll be fine πŸ˜‰

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