King`s Kush


Breeder: Green House

Type: mainly Indica

Genetics: OG Kush x Grape Ape

THC content level: 19%

Positive effects:

  • creativity
  • euphoria
  • sense of well-being and happiness
  • hunger
  • sleepiness


Side effects:

  • unsettling
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • dry eyes
  • paranoia



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King`s Kush Weed Strain

King`s Kush weed strain from Green House Seeds is the result of crossing of two strong geneticists: OG Kush, Grape. It is very easy to put on the crown, you need to buy seeds of this species and we will send it to you by mail as soon as possible.

From feminized KK seeds grow beautifully designed plants similar to Kush. However, the delicate sweetness of the smell and the purple leaves are reminiscent of their kinship with Grape Ape.

King’s Kush weed strain is one of the most famous varieties of marijuana, which is famous for its performance, power of effects and fiery smell.

The genetics of this variety was created by crossing the popular OG Kush with the famous Purple Grape. In the end, it turned out a small, compact plant with large dark green leaves. This crop can quickly bloom, which is associated with the prevalence of indica.

From Grape, the plant has received taste and shade, from Kush – growth and appearance and effect.


King`s Kush weed strain – Royal Appointment 

Besides grape smell, there are also subtle hints of lavender. This smoke gives an incredibly strong desire to eat. After this variety causes appetite, you will get into a very sluggish, dreamy euphoria.

The purple-violet coloring of leaves manifests itself as it grows older, regardless of external temperature. Round buds are fixed on large cups, flowers have an irregular shape.


Quality standard as for royal family 

The effect originates from the powerful origins of the OG Kush, is mixed with a sweet fruit flavor and with all the ruthless force starts to destroy you. In 5 – 7 minutes you fully feel the powerful gust of 20 % THC. To get these emotions, you need to order this variety in the store Green Routines.

During flowering and burning, you can smell Skunk’s characteristic odor – sharp and sweet, with lavender and muscular tones and grape notes. The taste is sharp, also skunk, with a berry flavor.

The action is not felt immediately – do not hurry! When Kings Kush weed strain rises to the top of your head, you will plunge into a state of intoxication, and a slightly altered consciousness will help you understand many questions. It is possible that it is you who will discover the mystery of existence!

Such an incredible and high quality variety you can buy in our store and get exactly what you wanted for so long!


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