Shatter Mix & Match

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Tropicana Cookies
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Tropicana Cookies
Space Cookies
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Space Cookies(Hybrid)
Snoop's Dream
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Snoop's Dream (Hybrid)
Shatter Magnum
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Magnum (Hybrid)
Shatter Gelato
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Gelato (Hybrid)
Death Bubba concentrates
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Death Bubba (Indica)
Cinderella 99 concentrates
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Cinderella 99 (Hybrid)
Shatter Cannasutra
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Cannasutra (Indica)
Blue Kiss concentrates
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Blue Kiss (Indica)
Shatter Batman OG
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Batman OG
Alien Rock Candy concentrates
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Alien Rock Candy (Hybrid)
Diamond Concentrates
Diamond Concentrates Shatter Willy’s Wonder (Indica)
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Shatter Mix & Match

Shatter Mix & Match – Excellent mix, especially for you! Choose your favorite type of weed and make an order. Great choice, if you do not know what you want. Just by ordering this pack of weed you will get great products right in your home.

Our company delivers all over Canada. Just place the order and you will have your package at your place tomorrow. A lot of customer feedback, you can read on the website.

Choose the weed that interests you – we have great discounts!

Buy Shatter Mix & Match online!

8 reviews for Shatter Mix & Match

  1. Terry luec

    Buying for the second time and as always I was satisfied! I live in Toronto, the delivery was made during the day.

  2. Michele Miller

    Wow, thank you so much for the beautiful mixes! The quality of marijuana concentrates was very surprising, we will definitely order from you.

  3. Susie8394

    It was difficult to choose the mixes that will suit me, so I tried them for the second time and decided! My favorite concentrate is Shatter Death Bubba !

  4. Denise

    Great discount, thank you! When I saw you, I immediately realized that you are one of my favorite stores now 🙂

  5. Patsy Wilderman

    Bought these mixes of concentrates with friends and everyone was very happy!

  6. MariaCC

    Green Routines, great concentrates! Delivery was very fast, thank you.

  7. Cajunblood

    I smoke weed every day. I decided to try these mixes, as I often looked for them on the Internet, but there was no one suitable for me. I ordered through your company, the delivery was very fast. The quality is at the highest level, thank you!

  8. Richard Heimbichner

    Great choice of Shatter! Haven’t seen that many in a while, really. The mixes taste good, I’ll order some more.

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