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Genetics: Afghanistan x Brazil x Southern India

Type: Sativa 20%/Indica 80%

Type: feminized (female sex only)

TKG: 20.19%; KBD: 0.11%; KBN: 0.05%

Grows: indoors, outdoors.

Bloom period: 65-75 days

Yields: 500-900 g/m2 (indoor); 400-1200 g per 1 bush (outdoor)

Harvesting: mid-October

  • 3.5 gram
  • 7 gram
  • 14 gram
  • 28 gram


White Rhino weed strain: Worldwide Recognition and Trophies of the Variety

Thus, in 1996 White Rhino weed won 2 (second) place and a silver medal in the prestigious annual competition held under the auspices of the High Times Cannabis Cup. The category in which the cannabis variety was presented stood out from the crowd with a set of unrivalled characteristics and won the status of best in such a difficult category of cultivation of varietal cannabis as “Organic Cultivation“.

Another famous award was received later, in 2005, when White Rhino strain won an honorary second place at the Champions Cup, which was held at that time in sunny Spain, only slightly behind the winner of the competition.

Throughout the history of this cannabis, from its very creation to the present day, cannabis growers have appreciated its healing properties, ease of maintenance and the quality of its harvest, while respecting the basic rules.


Effects on body and mind. White Rhino weed

The content of the main psychoactive substance THC varies in values of 19-21%, which makes it possible to apply the variety in medical practice for effective treatment and prevention of a number of diseases and diseases. As for the taste of White Rhino weed, it can be noted that the taste of the mature inflorescence is quite sharp with its characteristic notes of fresh fruits.

The action on the consciousness and body of a smoker has a pronounced character and is in most cases very long in time. The administration of the site recommends!


Genetic basis

White Rhino weed genetics includes several fundamental varieties, namely Brazilian (Brazil), Afghan (Afghanistan) and South Indian (Southern India). As a result, the classic varieties of these regions of our planet, after a long and repeated mixing among themselves and gave life to a new type of feminized hemp seeds of the first generation with compact size and a large number of side stakes.

The producing company is confident that such cannabis will pleasantly surprise farmers with its vitality and ease of care.


Care recommendations and yields. White Rhino strain.

Typical of this variety is its all-encompassing ability to reach its growth and flowering potential both in nature under direct sunlight and in confined spaces indoors. As growing practice has shown unmistakably, the best results in terms of performance can be achieved if the SoG methods are correctly applied (stands for Sea Of Green).

In almost all cases, in the practice of growers, the flowering period for plants of this species takes on average from 65 to 75 days.

The manufacturer of Green House has declared huge productivity of plants in conditions of their professional growth indoors – up to 600 grams of dry weight of ripe inflorescences from 1 square meter!

As we already know, in nature under the blue sky and the direct rays of the summer sun, yield indicators are higher than in a limited room space, and in this case ranges from 400 grams and up to 1 kg of weight of properly dried and ready for consumption cones.

This is a very impressive data, especially when you consider that the care system does not require special knowledge and application of specialized cultivation methods from the average grower. The White Rhino strain grows strong and fluffy bush and blooms relatively quickly, successfully coping with most diseases and parasites thanks to its hardened health.


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2 reviews for AA+ White Rhino

  1. Liam Lou

    Thought I’d try a new kind of White Rhino weed. I took it for the first time through the Green Routines store, but I was pleasantly surprised. The variety of weed is insanely beautiful, time of high effect flew very quickly. As a result, I’m ready for a long cooperation!

  2. fatmadogan

    Very good, really strong high good if you are a daily smoker looking to get that high you no longer can get

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